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Editorial Policies


NintendoPlay aims to accurately report on confirmed findings to the best of its ability. To maintain accuracy and the integrity of the news, absolutely no rumours will be reported on. References for each article available upon request. NintendoPlay will ensure that any reporting is free from opinion, based in fact and relational to the subject matter.

In situations where a third party is involved in a situation that may require clarification, NintendoPlay will make all attempts to obtain a comment. If information is received after an article has been published it will then be updated to reflect any new or relevant information. Where any information published proves to be false, a retraction will be printed if requested. NintendoPlay will make all attempts to ensure no reporting on a person or company falls under the legal definition of libel.


Providing the reader with a well thought out and accurate review is important to NintendoPlay. All reviews by in-house staff will be conducted by writers fully educated in game design and development practices. All titles and hardware will be reviewed for a substantial amount of time, with no less than 15 hours being spent with the product before a review is submitted.

To ensure the opinions on as many items as possible can be relayed to the reader, NintendoPlay actively contacts developers, publishers and manufactures to obtain both review codes for new release titles and sample products of hardware and accessories. In any situation where a review code or sample product has been gifted, a full disclosure notice will be included at the top of the review. No concessions will be made to the impartiality of the review based on any gift received.

We believe that companies should have the right to defend any statements we make on the quality of the software or gaming product that they have developed. Shortly before publishing a review, a draft copy will be sent to the developer/publisher/manufacturer, offering them the opportunity to counter any points made in the review. Regardless of this gesture nothing will be omitted when the article is published, though any relevant counterpoints made will be included to help the reader make a more informed decision.


To allow an audience of all ages all self created pre-recorded video footage that appears on the either the main NintendoPlay site or the companies YouTube page will make every attempt to conform to the BBFC rating of PG. Any external footage will be highlighted accordingly. For more information on BBFC ratings, visit: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/what-classification/pg.

In any situation where live recording may take place, all attempts will be made by the broadcaster to adhere to the same standards as pre-recorded video and if strong language is used accidently, apologies will be immediately issued. To maintain this standard, any live videos featuring online play will see any third party players muted to ensure language consistency.

Any product placement or product endorsement will be highlighted at the beginning of the video in which they appear. No attempt will be made to sell a product on our video channel, though our opinion may briefly be given.

Social Media

NintendoPlay considers it a moral obligation to report any incident that breaches a third party platforms terms of service when commenting on our linked news articles. Any user repeatedly breaching terms of service will be blocked from participating in conversations on the NintendoPlay page of that platform permanently.
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