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Friday, 9 March 2018

Everything Mentioned in the Nintendo Direct

A swift overview of everything included in last nights Direct.

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Nintendo took to the stage lastnight to wet the appetite of gamers, many of whom have been looking for reassurance that the Nintendo Switch year 2 strategy was as strong as the first.

With company veteran Yoshiaki Kiozumi preciding over affairs this time, and not a smooth-talking Fils-Aimes in site, the 30 minute presentation was not only jam packed with Switch announcements, but also included some surprise 3DS titles coming soon.

A quickfire breakdown of the announcements include:


WarioWare Gold: Brand new WarioWare game with over 300 Minigames - Out 27th July 2018

Dillon Dead Heat Breakers: New title - Out 25th May 2018

Bowsers Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey: Out TBA 2019

Detective Pikachu: More general information about impending release - Out 23rd March 2018

Luigis Mansion 1: Remake of the origial Gamecube classic - Out TBA 2018


Kirby Star Allies: More general information about impending release - Out 16th March 2018

Okami HD: Remake of the Wii Classic with motion and touchscreen controls - Out Summer 2018

Sushi Strikers: Food puzzle battler for both Switch and 3DS - Out 8th June 2018

Octopath Traveller: More info + special edition - Out 13th July 2018

Travis Strikes Again - No More Heroes: 7 levels each with a boss, co-op multiplayer - Out TBA

Dark Souls: More info + Astora Amiibo - Out 25th May 2018

Mario Tennis Aces: In-depth look at game mechanics - Out TBA 2018

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: WiiU port for Switch and 3DS - Out 13th July 2018

Undertale: Another tease for the games release - No Release Date

Crash Bandicoot: HD Remake of original 3 games - Out 10th July 2018

Little Nightmares: Complete Edition - Out 18th May 2018

South Park - Fractured But Whole: Season pass sold seperatley - Out 24th April 2018

Hyrule Warriors - Complete Edition: More Info - Out 18th May 2018

Arms: Free testpunch weekend - 31st March 2018

Splatoon 2 DLC: Huge singleplayer expansion - Out Summer 2018

Smash Bros Announcement: It's Coming Out This Year!

Check out video below to see the announcements in full:

Video uploaded by Nintendo

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