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Thursday, 25 January 2018

New VOEZ Update to Include Button Input

Update: Patch is now live, though it's not all good news...

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Update: To start, the Update to VOEZ is now live, implementing controller input as promised. This is great news for those looking to play the hit rhythm game in Docked Mode. The caveat, however, is by doing so they have removed one of the elements that made VOEZ so fundamentally unique.

Instead of say, mapping portions of the screen to specific buttons, requiring the player to keep an eye on all the notes randomly whizzing around the screen, VOEZ has simply opted to have any button activate any note, with flicking the analog stick required for the swipe notes. This now turns a game all about quickly and skilfully keeping track of where the notes are at all times, to one of simply keeping time and tapping a singular button along with the beat.

Original Story An Amazon.JP listing of the Japan-only physical release of RayArks' flagship Switch port of their mobile title VOEZ lists that the digital edition will be receiving physical input support through an update to maintain parity to the feature, included in the new cartridge version.

Originally a launch title for the Nintendo Switch (at least in EU territories), VOEZ originally featured an impressive track list of 116 songs, later updated for free to 146. VOEZ currently only has touch screen support, an issue that has bothered players from launch as it limits play to Handheld Mode.

VOEZ tasks the player with tapping the diamonds using various gestures as they traverse downward on the screen. This is made harder as the lanes fly around the screen with reckless abandonment attempting to confuse the player, increase its difficulty and break the rhythm game mould that games like Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero and DJ Max have long fortified.

The boxed copy has been dated for January 25th so there's a good chance that the update will drop by then, if not sooner. We have reached out to RayArk for further verification.

Check out the promotional video below, the whole team at NintendoPlay are currently trying to picture playing these using only buttons. Rest assured we'll upload a video of us giving it a go!

Video uploaded by Flyinghigh Works

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