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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Project Octopath Feedback is Addressed

Square-Enix highlights the changes made after their early access demo.

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Square-Enix today showed that has taken players opinions into consideration by releasing a video of some of the changes it has made to its upcoming Switch release "Project Octopath Traveller" since it showcased the game as a demo last year. The changes arose from issues faced during time spent with the demo, with suggestions being brought up via a survery conducted by the company after the demo had ended. While the video looks to address some of the fans criticism, it was stated on several occasions during the video that there are still design and development elements that the company want to keep under wraps until the game releases proper.

It is always wonderful to see a company take the end user into consideration when developing a product. It looks as if Square-Enix are doing all they can to make sure their key audience are happy, from a business perspective it's fair to say they are also attempting to ensure all those happy consumers convert into crucial day-one sales when the finally game launches.

Project Octopath Traveller (still apparently its working title) is a 2.5D turn based RPG that comprises of flat 2D sprites complimenting 3D enviroments. The demo did a good job of drawing direct comparisons to older games in the companies back catalogue, such as the fantastic final fantasy 6.

The full 5 minute video, uploaded by Nintendo, can be seen below:

Video uploaded by Square-Enix

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