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Monday, 1 January 2018

Nintendo Play: Open for Business!


Straight to the point news, reviews, features and videos for the Nintendo gamer.

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It's a new year and yes, it’s yet another new online gaming publication. One more site looking to provide news and reviews, write some quirky features while chucking in a web channel showing off new releases doused with a couple of anecdotal musings for good measure. You’re probably fairly used to seeing them by randomly pop up by now. NintendoPlay looks to streamline the process somewhat though, structuring itself more like an old copy of your favourite gaming magazine, with less emphasis providing a platform for you to live on and more of like a place where you can quickly and easily read the latest Nintendo related information.

Here’s some things about the site:

We are sick and tired of junk advertisement. Everywhere you look it seems to ooze every facet of your online experience. Whether it’s reading the news, watching a viral cat video or attempting to order a pizza, someone’s either trying to point you at an article clearly fabricated for clicks or trying to sell you something embarrassing that has been mined from your computers’ search history that, frankly, you thought was hidden by your inPrivate browser. NintendoPlay is completely free of paid advertisements, we may still recommend things (it's a review site after all) but it will simply be because we think you'll love it as much as we do.

The internet is full of forums, message boards, knitting circles and discord groups and if it has been up for discussion it has already been discussed, time and time again. Do you really need to give over your personal information again just to share your views? To keep NintendoPlay lean we have made the conscious decision to not include forums or a message board directly on site. Instead we will be using social media platforms to open up the discussion and actively engage with our readers.

Our team is small and we will introduce ourselves soon. We are always looking for guest writers and artists so if you want a place to showcase your work feel free to contact us. We will make sure to find you a special place on our site.

We hope that you find yourselves making us one of your go-to places for Nintendo related information and can’t wait to hear from you.

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