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Friday, 26 January 2018

Miitomo App Shutting Down 9th May

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Nintendo's first real foray into the world of mobile gaming, Miitomo, will be shutting its doors for good just 2 years after it was initially launched in 2016.

Miitomo allowed all mobile users the opportunity create and dress a digital avatar, decorate their virtual living space, play mini games, upload Augmented Reality photos to social media and answer a series of offbeat questions designed to help their online friends get to know them a little better.

Support for the app has already stopped, with Nintendo no longer selling Miitomo Coins, the digital currency used to purchase cosmetic upgrades for your character. Miitomo is being sent off with a final farewell event which is taking place in the run up to the apps closure. After this, everything created by the player, except the avatar itself, will simply cease to exist.

The complete announcement can be found HERE

On the plus side Nintendo's newest game "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" looks like it's shaping up to be everything Miitomo aspired to be. Grab yourself a free copy on your phones App Store.

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