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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Introducing Nintendo Labo!

Build your own adventure out of cardboard!

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Nintendo have just dropped a trailer outlining its new line of “Build-Your-Own” cardboard accessories for the Switch, Nintendo Labo, to be released on 27th April.

Whimsically dubbed “Toy-Cons”, the kits come as sheets of cardboard that must be popped out and folded, following the instructions as they are displayed on the accompanying software you also receive for your Nintendo Switch. Designs such as a piano, a robot suit, an insect and what looked to be a drum pedal were shown off.

The trailer then went on to show that, while rather unremarkable decorations on their own, the Switch and/or joy-cons are to be added, making the device fully interactive with the software installed on the Switch.

Two kits have been announced so far:

Variety Kit: RC Car, Fishing Rod, House, Motorbike and Piano +Software - £69.99
Robot Kit: Robot Suit + Robot Game - £69.99

We know what you are thinking and it has already been confirmed; Nintendo will be selling spare parts and kits for when your children inevitably breaks them and demands you fix them, or buy another.

Nintendo has already stated that it wanted to bolster its strong start in 2017 with an attempt to push into the market demographics that would not usually buy games consoles for the company’s usual selection of titles. This new gimmick appears to be their opening salvo. We for one are looking forward to playing with them!

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*We will update this article and report when more news is made available.*

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