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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Integral Announce 512GB MicroSD Card

Reckon you could fill it up? We'd like to see you try!

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Yesterday Integral Memory PLC, a Europe-wide player in the development and production of non-volatile memory cards, announced the impending release of their 512GB MicroSDXC card, pipping competitors to make it the largest capacity available the market to date.

While suitable for the Nintendo Switch, with the consoles max capacity still unreachable at a whopping 2TB, don't expect this sort of memory to come cheap. Sandisk's 400GB MicroSDXC variant currently sells at an insane £224.99, almost the price of the Switch console itself.

What this bump in storage capacity does mean however is that we will gradually see price adjustments in the middle to lower end spectrum of the media, as is the case when larger storage sizes are brought to market. While it may not be as ideal as owning the "one card to rule them all", it will soon become cost effective to pick up a couple of 128GB's (or 200GB's in the sale) and not have to worry about being too skint to buy any games to put on them afterwards. A win for all I'd say.

Intergrals new 512GB MicroSD will be released in February, pricing is still unknown.

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