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Monday, 22 January 2018

Developers Commentary Explained

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Everyone thinks they know what it takes to make a game. As reviewers of the medium we often make sweeping statements, notions of condemnation towards titles with issues or those that, in our eyes, we consider rudimentary, lacklustre or otherwise inexcusable.

Regardless of our training, education or the countless hours we spend playing, evaluating and critiquing titles, there is no possible way we could have all the answers as to why a company would implement or omit either content or specific features without us personally asking. So this is what we have done.

With our Developers Commentary, we offer all developers to whom we request to review their title the option to counter any of the points made in our writing. We do this in the hopes that it not only allows or the reader to greater understand the concessions that sometimes have to be made during game development or issues that may lay with external factors such as middleware but is also beneficial for the developer, being given opportunity to politely disagree with any points we make, letting readers know of any features planned for a future update and helping to maintain the reputation of their new release.

Nintendo Play: Any review that contains the Developers Commentary logo will be clearly stated, with information at the top of the review. All counterpoints will be added seamlessly into the review, So look out for the icons dotted throughout to find a little more inside information!

Rest assured, regardless of this bridge between the reviewer and the developer. Nintendo Play is bound by its ethical and journalistic responsibilities to report honest and unbiased accounts of how a game plays and performs. As such, an invitation for a developer to sit in on a review after it has been written will no way allow for the alteration to its content in any, way shape or form.

We look forward to including Developers Commentary in select Nintendo Play reviews!

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